ANTI-CHRIST FOR PRESIDENT: Hillary Clinton Says “Religious Beliefs Must be Changed” Because America Needs More Abortions – 3 out of 4 Women Might Disagree!

EDITORIAL: As hardcore anti-woman and anti-Christ as they come. That’s Hillary Clinton. Women’s uteruses are liberal feminists only bargaining chip so she’s got to come out strong. It’s all they got. They only know how to pimp body parts because they’ve been trained by the pimps who pay their way. For over 40 years, liberal feminists have been pimping your sexuality to further their own status.

It’s time to take back your vaginas. You’ll find them stuffed deep inside any one of your average liberal feminist’s $expensive$ designer purses. Remember Oprah’s ordeal with the $33,000 purse and the ‘lowly’ white sales clerk she berated and then lied about (typical She-Devil behavior)? You’ll find millions of your vaginas in Oprah’s purses. She used them to bargain so she could become the richest woman in the world!

Only 1 out of 4 women in America have had abortions. An EXTREMELY small percentage of those who have had abortions, did so because of rape, incest or failed contraceptives. That’s 3 out of 4 women who have lived sexually responsible lives. Yet, ABORTION is the ONLY fight these liberal feminists stand for. Nothing more!

Once again, Democrats are making a bold and very public move to remove God and Christianity from America. Why? Because women need more abortions, they say. The real reason they say that is to get women’s votes. Democrats paint an unrealistic picture of women being forced to have children. Yet, what they are really saying is that 3 out of 4 of you women out there aren’t educated enough to use birth control or have responsible relationships, so Democrats must save you by aborting your babies for you. Is that what you think? It was never me!

As far as birth control being banned, it ain’t gonna happen and it shouldn’t. Birth control IS NOT abortion. It stops pregnancy from happening. It does not abort a fetus aka baby. Even my 84 year old Christian mother says so. Birth control, ‘Yes’. Abortion, ‘No’. She relays her story, when in her early twenties, she found herself pregnant (she was married at 18) for the third time in four years:

“I went to the doctor and he told me I was pregnant. I said, ‘Again?’ and started to cry. He asked how many this made and I said three. He said, ‘well, that’s a nice size family’. I said, ‘Yeah, but how many am I going to have by the time I’m 30?’ and continued to cry.”

I was actually my parents fourth child. One month my mom thought she wanted another baby (it was 6 years later and they had practiced the rhythm method during that period). The next month, she changed her mind. She thought, they had three beautiful, healthy children. They were good with what they had. She says one month was all it took. I was already conceived.

I say God was determined for me to be here. I had one opportunity and He took it 😉 (my Christian father had a vasectomy when I was a small child). If they had believed in abortion, none of that would have mattered!

hillary-religiousbeliefsHillary Clinton on expanding access to abortion: ‘Religious beliefs … have to be changed’

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Claiming during her keynote speech to the Women in the World Summit Thursday that “far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth,” presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the audience that not only laws will have to be changed. Also, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” she added, according to The Hill. That’s right: religious beliefs will have to be changed.

Let’s not find out.


Brutal new poll says voters don’t think the politician trying to spin herself as a kindly grandma is honest

It’s probably even worse for Hillary as this poll was taken before the Russian uranium and Clinton Foundation tax scandals being reported on today.


Not just uranium. The Clinton Foundation has a tax return problem, too

Good morning, Hillary! Care to comment on how the Clinton Foundation helped Russia score a huge Uranium deal?

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